Dr.KID JAPAN(飯島謙一)

N-Kap system




Our technology is also introduced on the website of United Nations UNIDO.

We contribute to society with unique technology.飯島謙一

Research on environmental improvement and renewable energy.

You can see some of our technology in the video below.

In 2019, my research was recognized by the United Nations and was posted on the UNIDO website. 




I am focusing on improving the global environment and researching renewable energy.


It generates electricity from garbage without incinerating it.

This system  has excellent power generation capacity.

That is my research. 


I named them KID system, N-ice system and N-Kap system. 

The features of these systems are described below.


1. It is a system that does not incinerate garbage (it causes dioxin problems and carbon dioxide problems).

2. Generate electricity (contributes to power shortage)

3. Sell the generated power (achieve excellent investment efficiency)

4. Employment will occur (the standard of living of local residents will improve)

5. Garbage disappears (contributes to danger, dirt, foul odors, hygiene problems, etc.)

6. It is also possible to turn waste into excellent compost (which contributes to improving the yield of agricultural products).


※The trash mentioned here is the following: human dung, animal dung, garbage, vinyl, plastic, Styrofoam, used clothes, cloth, wood chips, leaves, etc.


I want to work with people I can trust and contribute to the lives of  people with this system.

飯島謙一(Ken Iijima)


Take on the challenge of cutting-edge research in the world.

And contribute to society.

I'm proud of my work.


代表 飯島謙一

代表 飯島謙一